• Massimiliano Boggetti
  • RoleAdvisor
  • CEO Diesse Diagnostica Senese S.p.A. - Presidente Confindustria Dispositivi Medici

Molecular biologist Massimiliano Boggetti has sound managerial experience in Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics, both nationally and internationally; since 2019, he has been CEO of DIESSE, an IVD enterprise.

Founder and President of Confindustria Dispositivi Medici, the national industry association for medical devices including diagnostics, medical devices, digital health, medical imaging, radiotherapy, electromedical industries, borderlines, and complex and hearing aids.

He is a member of the General Council of Confindustria. Recently elected President of the National Life Sciences Technology Cluster Trade ALISEI.

In addition, he has published several articles and business books on how to achieve personal and operative excellence.

His social commitment is concentrated in supporting the SeriousFun Children’s Network “recreational therapy” project.