Nicola Martinelli

Nicola Martinelli is a Manager and Senior Advisor operating in a number of industries including Finance, Investment Banking as well as Media (TV and Movie Industry). Nicola’s areas of expertise include Strategy and Business Development capabilities, Management of industrial processes and Operational Excellence.

Nicola has over twenty years of management and advisory experience in Italy and Europe with leading corporations such Telecom,Tiscali and investment banking firms including FB Group and currently on going Brooks, Houghton Overseas.

Nicola has also covered various executive postings, in major groups, including the Tiscali Group, Casanova Multimedia Spa and Palomar SpA, where he has been Finance & Business Development Director.

Since 2009 is Secretary General of the Italy-United Arab Emirates Association that promotes business and cultural relations between the two Countries.

Nicola holds a Degree in Law from the State University of Milan and an MBA from the Simon Business School at Rochester University.