The Italy-United Arab Emirates Association promotes commercial and cultural relations between the two countries, pursuing research and training objectives The Association offers its services as a reference point for Italian companies that would like to operate in the Emirates, offering associates a consultancy service comprising information and initial assistance as well as tailor-made specialist assistance regarding the specific features of each associate.

It supports the internationalisation processes of small and medium size companies that want to grow and become established in the Emirates territory, supporting them in their industrial and commercial research opportunities. The Association therefore realises a targeted business meeting agenda with government institutions and private companies in addition to a second customised agenda in line with specific requirements as indicated by individuai companies.

Those companies which become associates are therefore offered a true business strategy to help them achieve a consolidated presence in the Emirates.

Companies are assisted in the preparation of meetings, during the same, in the conduct of negotiations and in the realisation of partnership projeets. Interpreting and commercial and legal assistance will also be offered to those companies that join the Association.